Margaret Yamanaka

Head, English Course, Department of Cultural Development, Gifu Women's University.
Home: 46 Yoshimoto-cho, Seki City, Gifu Pref. 501-3818 Japan.


Gifu Women's University, Gifu Japan 1997 - 1999 Masters of Arts in American Literature.
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. 1977 - 1979 Bachelor of Arts Degree in Japanese Language and Literature

EFL/ESL Teaching Experience:

Gifu Women's University, Gifu City, Gifu, Japan. 2000 - present
*Senior Thesis advisor
*Creative Writing
*Academic Writing
*Business English
*Tourism English
*Active English
*European Studies
*Famous Speeches and Speech Making
*Communicative English
*Oral English
*Learning Strategies

Chubu Women's College / Chubu Gakuin College, Seki City, Gifu, Japan. 1991 - 2000
*Senior Thesis advisor
*Business English (Conversation)
*Business English (Letter Writing)
*English Expression
*Introduction to Literature
*Special Literature Studies
*English in Movies
*Comparative Cultures
*English for Kindergarten Teachers
*Oral English

Chubu Women's College, Seki City, Gifu, Japan 1980 - 1982
*English Conversation
*Comparative Cultures
*Business English

Adjunct Lecturer:

Ajisai Nursing College, Minokamo City, Gifu, Japan. 1994 - present
*Nursing English (E.S.P.)

Gifu University, Gifu, Japan. 1990 - 1992
*English Communication (to education majors in the Education Faculty)

Tokai Women's College, Gifu, Japan. 1989 - 1992
*English Literature, Introduction to Interpreting and Translating, Academic Writing, and other EFL subjects (to English and International Communication majors).

Gifu University, Gifu City, Gifu, Japan. 1988 - 1989
*English Communication (to Agriculture and Medicine majors in the General Education Department).

Chubu Women's College, Seki City, Gifu, Japan. 1987 E1989, 1982 - 1986
*Creative Writing, Business English, History of English, and other EFL subjects (in the English Department.)


Seki English School, Seki City, Gifu, Japan. 1983 - 1992.
*taught Speaking and Listening skills to children aged 10 to 16.

Seibi Kindergarten, Gifu City, Gifu, Japan 1980 - 1981.
*taught Speaking and Listening Skills to children aged 5 to 7.

Other Work Experience:

Consulate-General of Japan, Brisbane, Australia. 1979-1980
*Visa Processor

Other Qualifications:

Certificate of Word Processing in Japanese, Sub-Level 2, 2002
Certificate of Data Processing in Japanese, Level 2, 2002
Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level One, 1996
Driver's License, 1982

Work Related Activities:
Student Enrollment
*English Course, University Homepage: regular renewal of information, written in Japanese and English, since 2007
*University English Homepage (HTML) creation and partial translation (Total: 28 pages), 2001
*Promotion visits to schools in the Hida and Mino districts of Gifu, 1997 to present
*Promotion visits to Universities and High Schools in Australia, 2001
*Promotion visit to universities in Hungary, 2001

Entrance Examination:
*Preparation of comprehension and grammar questions, 1991 to present
*In charge of all English Department Entrance Examinations, 2000-2008.

Overseas Study Tours Experience:
*Australia - Planning / Guide / Interpreter / Leader. 1987 - 1994, 2001, 2008, 2009, 2010.
*Scandinavia - Planning / Interpreter / Leader  2000.
*Germany - Planning 2000

English Summer Camp Experience:
*Planning / Leader / Assistant   1980 - 1985, 1991 - 1996

ESS Club Experience:
*Assistant / Advisor 1992 - 1996, 1999 to 2007.

International Exchange:
*International Walk Rally - Planning / Director, 1992 - 1994
*International Food Tasting Event - Planning / Director, 1995

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